Mobile Software Development

At Green Basil we love to design, develop and test great mobile enterprise Apps .

Our unique development process is focused on mobile user experience and collaboration. Before start developing we create user interfaces prototypes and test them with real users. We really believe on the importance of usability and design of the user interface and a prototype is the best marketing research tool we can have. The user must get to the required App functionality in no more than three taps. Navigation buttons should be easily accessible and most important functionality need to be very easy to find and use.

With insights from UI prototype and test users we defined the final development requirements in collaboration with our Customer. The development phase will incrementally add real functionality to the prototype. Our development process allows at any stage to go back to prototype phase and add new functionality. The customer decision is always a trade-off between time to market and total cost.

We take software test very seriously at Green Basil because on a mobile application even tiny bugs can have a negative impact on overall Customer experience. Our functionality test modules are created at the same time we developed the code. Before entering the final business simulation phase we test compatibility across devices and operation system versions, data exchange and synchronization, localization and internationalization, hardware resources utilization and last but not the least usability and performance.

Green Basil could help your company create the best mobile application. We will work alongside your team to:
  • Identify usability requirements
  • Perform competition analysis and benchmarking
  • Prototyping and field testing
  • Guarantee on-time and on-budget application development
  • Integrate with corporate back-end services
  • Test, test and test
  • Successfully launch the application
  • Handover application to support teams
Green Basil has the mobile experience to help your company to capitalize on the unique opportunities presented by mobile technology. Contact us today!